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Readability and results. That’s what RAF Communications delivers. Not just words, but the right combination of words to communicate your message effectively and connect with your target market(s) at each stage of the sales cycle. After all, before sales conversions can happen, prospects must feel a connection with your brand.

B2B Copywriter | White Paper Writer | Case Study Writer | Web Writer | Newsletter Writer So, who am I and why should you choose me over other writers?

I bring the inquisitive eye of an investigative journalist to tell your story in a way that captivates and connects. As one client says (and others would affirm), “Rachel investigates, researches and respectfully asks probing questions to gather accurate information. And then, transforms stats and data into captivating, turbo-charged copy that grabs you and gets results!”

I bring the strategic business savvy of a seasoned marketer and communicator. I’ve been in your shoes before. With over nine years of marketing and communications experience, I’ve managed a variety of marketing and communications initiatives designed to generate high quality, sales ready leads. So, I know the battles you face intimately and I wear my writing hat now to help you win every one of them.

I deliver Ritz Carlton-level client service. Quite frankly, I can’t relate to providing anything less. Those things called deadlines? Yep. I treat them like the Kings (or Queens) they are – I don’t believe in missing them. And I proactively communicate with you throughout every project – so you never have to chase after me to find out what’s going on. (Remember, I’ve been in your shoes and I know what that’s like!)

And I guess I should also mention that I write really well. Really, it’s in the DNA – my mother is a writer, my grandfather was a writer and other family members were too. So while professional training and schooling can do wonders (don’t worry, I’ve got that too!), having the natural and innate talent via one’s genes certainly helps!

So, that’s who I am. After you check out the links below, I hope you’ll tell me who you are. I’d love to learn more about your writing needs and to partner with you in bringing them to successful fruition.

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